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Our old Leica

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Many of these images belong to others.

Phew! Taking a breather, 2015.
Baron de Gingins later years
What! Another breather break?
The Belgian Club field day, 1910.
A break in the Bluebells, 2004.
Baron von Gingins with Ironie and Double-zero, 1904.
Chasse v Wonnegau
Diesel at home, July 2004.
Dogs of Baron von Gingins, 1894.
The dogs of Gagny.
Drall v Orthop, 1926.
Mr. Gyllenhaal and friend.
A puppy from Henk's litter, 2004.
Mr. Korthals and dogs, Berlin 1890.
Capitaine Fracasse, poised.
Djinn Oro Des Plaines, 2002.
Little Picca, just waiting.
Nedjé, Valda and Luron de Flandre, 1918.
Queen of all she surveys, 2012
Susanne Urian.
H.R.H Prince Rainier III of Monaco with Odin, April 2005
Diesel & Esso, June 2006.
Little rascals, May 2003.
Quierl Urian, 1926.
Esso, returning from deep water, 2008.
Puck - Moustache.
Chelly de la Courte Janus, 2002.
I Know You're There - 2020.
Guillaume - 1933.
A Little female - 2003.