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Korthals griffon.


Animals have been transported by sea for millennia and by air since the early 1930's. In today's world, transportation of live animals by air is considered the most humane and expedient method of delivery over long distances. IATA (the International Air Transport Association) ensures that both safety and animal welfare are addressed in all regulatory issues pertaining to transportation of live animals by air.  Look out for the LAR symbol.  Please seek professional help Via the Airline or a 'professional' animal transporter.

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Exporting for the purpose of this web site means to transport outside of the U.K. with relevant approvals, not to return.  You (the breeder or owner) must have already formed a legally binding 'contract' with the overseas purchaser of the puppy along with all the government, European Union and Kennel Club forms.  The majority of overseas Kennel Clubs's with which the U.K. Kennel Club has a reciprocal agreement, require a three generation certified export pedigree and transfer of ownership certificate. However, you are advised to check with the relevant National Canine Authorities to find out their requirements for an imported dog. You can obtain a list of authorities & clubs with which the Kennel Club has full reciprocal agreements from the Kennel Club year book - as usual, available to 'purchase'.  Also note that the European Union also has additional strict regulations regarding the transport of live animals.  Shipping your dog overseas needs expert care  …  Look for the 'IATA' , 'IPATA' and 'LAR' logo's / symbols.

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The Korthals Griffon is still quite rare here in the United Kingdom,  it is also not that wide spread in Europe either as its more suited to the hunter.  Why would you want to go to all the trouble of 'importing' an example?  It's simple  …  You increase the value and pedigree if you are a breeder as an 'addition' to the pedigree bloodlines here.  Regulations in the U.K. have been relaxed in 2012 so as to harmonise with those in the rest of the European Union - This is a great help to the Korthals Griffon community on these islands.  While in 'principle' it is very straight forward;  choosing a Korthals Griffon to import is not!  As in choosing a U.K. puppy, there must be certain checks done "first".  And it is advisable to request the K-Locus Test be done on the puppy/young dog beforehand  …  Or you organise and do it 'yourself'.

2012 imported Korthals

DEFRA   (the United Kingdom's 'Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs') has helpful instructions and guides toward the steps necessary to import a dog into this country;  as I am sure the continental breeder will too.

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Don't forget the 'Passports'

BREXIT and pet Travel to the EU

As the UK is yet to leave the EU fully; expect no change to the 'Pet Passport' scheme until the end of 2020. After that? There are three possible outcomes with regard to pet (dogs) travel to and from mainland Europe (EU controlled).  1: We, the UK becomes a Part 1 listed country, the arrangements with regards to pet passports & rabies vaccinations will remain pretty much as they are at the moment. Very little will change - if at all.  2: The UK demotes to a Part 2 listed country, all the current pet passport regulations would still apply but animals would also require a 'Model Health Certificate' (valid 4 months authorized by an official veterinarian) to travel.  3: The UK becomes an 'unlisted country' (unlikely but possible) and, as in the old days, pets would need blood samples and rabies tests and certifications etc, etc.  You can always check with (UK) D.E.F.R.A by tapping on the hyperlink above for updated information as the Brexit saga continues.