Korthals griffon U.K.

The Original U.K. web site for this Versatile hunting dog breed


This web site came about in late 2002 for the Korthals Griffon breed here in the United Kingdom; and has been set up by Colin Perry, an importer, keeper and worker of this breed.  The web site was developed for use as an information point for owners and potential breeders here in Britain and further afield. For exchanging information, training tips, Health, and general information in friendship.  It can also be a point of reference for the field trial sportsmen & women, Hunters, Korthals Griffon owners and others interested in this wonderful versatile hunting dog breed.

'Diesel - on point'

Finding information on this breed in the United Kingdom was difficult before this site was originally set up.  One had to rely upon our European & North American friends and neighbours to furnish us with information, leads and contacts.  Hopefully this web site may help bridge that gap and in so doing, make information accessibility easier and be of interest for those here in Britain (and further afield).  It will also help those of you who wish to own or import a Korthals Griffon into this country.  There are approximately just over six hundred Korthals Griffon's in the U.K. at best guess, with litter's due in the future.

Early dog
'le Capitaine Fracasse'

'Cillo van St-Roch'

As there a low amount of Korthals Griffons' (pedigrees and their owners) in the U.K., but growing each year; it is important to note that some people consider themselves "experts" in the breed and the British population of Korthals?  Please 'take extreme care' where you seek information and from whom you may wish to purchase a puppy.  I have been around and involved with this specific breed for over nineteen years now, sixteen+ years as an owner / breeder. Do your background checks and research. Please support and protect the breed, aim for the best.

Esso deep water
'Esso - Deep water retrieve'

I thank all those individuals, starting in 2000, who have helped me by supplying images and factual information that you see contained within this web site; and please forgive any errors (advise me).  The views and recommendations found within this web site are my own and are not associated with or reflect those held by other associations, clubs or individuals; this site has always been 'not for profit'.  If you can help in any way with an 'exchange link' on your own web site or other detailed information pertinent to the breed, then do please get in touch with me via the contact form link  above.  I'll be happy to help and share information.  Thanks for your visit. 

Helping to promote and protect the Korthals Griffon.

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